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How to Make a Tree of Life Pendant - Tutorials

Tree of Life.net.au presents its visitors with a variety of tutorials on how to make a tree of life pendant. We hope you enjoy these.


Tutorial #1

 This is a tree pendant tutorial - By Rachel Murgatroyd


Transcript - This is a tree of life pendant tutorial - By Rachel Murgatroyd
and this is the tutorial we are going to be making today, some of you may notice you have seen
this before - I've re-done it and put words on cos so many people asked
Okay materials if using imperial (see list)
now the amounts you are going to use depend on the size that you want and the template that you are going to work around we will take that into consideration when we measure up
Tools (see list)
and something to use as a template
These pendants can be any shape you like really, what ever you wrap around will give you a different shape this one as you can see is much smaller than the first one I did however as long as you have something to wrap around, thats the shape you make
I'm gonna use my fine wire reel and I am going to use this outer top rim
cos I want a decent size pendant. I have wrapped some spare wire around
so that I know how big it is around the circumference and it's about five inches
so I am going to add an extra one-and-a-half inches to that now that extra one and a half inches is going to give me enough room to wrap around and for a bail so I have wrapped my wire around you can see that one end is shorter than the other.
I have done that on purpose where they cross I have a short end and a longer end
where they cross I am bending the longer end straight up with my pliers and then pop it back on your template
take your shorter wire and wrap it around the one that is stuck up, you can slip it off now and work with it
what I am going to do now is get a pair of pliers and I am going to press that round so it makes a circle going round
the wire that is sticking up and that's really quite firm at this point
i trimmed off any excess although I must admit there was not that much on this one and now I am gripping the top of the stuck up bit. with my round nose pliers, right on the very very edge quite well up my jaws of the pliers
this is so I get a decent sized loop to pass a chain or a thong through, and I make a circle, that's my frame
now from that frame we're gonna start now and build up the tree that's going to go in it, and we start off
with our finer wire. You need I don't know maybe three or four inches on each length - put them over
framework as you can see there and then wrap it abound I wrap around about four or five times and I have trimmed the edge and pressed it down with my pliers, and as you can see you just keep going.
i'd like to have an odd number so i've actually put eleven on one side now this is dependent on the size of the piece and how many branches you want.
I've then put eleven on the other side as well so i've not got a big bunch, twenty odd wires and you are going to start adding your beads. I've added a different number of beads to different strands as you see this one there's three, two and a two and what I am going to do is twist - you see that one there, twist those wires together and you go all the way around, all your wires - this group I'm only going to use two lots of beads one has five and one has four beads
it's meant to look natural so I have put all the beads on and I have done little twists so now I need to start creating branches so I am going to bring those twists down, a little bit further start joining different groups together.
so there are my wires and I am going to pick just couple of them and join them together and then another couple and join those so that you are left with branches coming down to the main stem which is going to be trunk of your tree and just keep twisting - as you can see it is far more managable now, just keep twisting, twisting the trunk now I like a bend in my trunk I don't want a straight tree - If you like straight trees you have straight trees I like bendy trees so I have a really strong bend in that trunk there and I have started splitting of wires again, this is going to be for the roots.
once you've got four or five wires just wrap them around the framework and keep doing that until you have all your roots
when you look at this it's still a little bit too neat for me, it's a bit straight, what I am going to do is get my round nose pliers and I am just going to get them in-between those roots and I am going to give them a bit of a tweak to make them a bit more knarly, a bit more like a real tree.
and that's my - tree I used opals and garnets but use whatever you've got - thanks for watching
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial I have others for sale at my website www dot jewellery tutorials dot co dot uk
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Happy Wrapping





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