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Tree of Life Necklace


The popularity of the Tree of Life Necklace has not only endured but has grown significantly in recent years, possibly in part due to the movie ‘the tree of life’ with Brad Pitt where the necklace had great significance.

Tree of Life Necklaces come in many different styles and use a myriad of materials. A popular style is the handmade necklace made with wire and colourful beads, often silver wire but also brass is used, with the beads being of many different types from actual semi-precious gemstones to simple plastic beads.

tree of life harmony ball Stunning 'tree of life' Harmony Ball necklace which provides a combination of the symbolism of the tree of life with the 'harmony' associated with a Harmony Ball. This one of a number of tree of life harmony ball designs available in our store here  http://treeoflife.net.au/tree_of_life_store/tree-of-life-harmony-balls-c-11/.

You can read more about a harmony ball here http://www.harmonyball.net.au/harmony-ball-meaning-the-harmony-ball-story-ezp-19.html 

There are many videos online with tutorials on how to make a Tree of Life Necklace that makes it relatively easy for most people to make one. Some tutorials will even tell you how to go about selling your necklace once you have made it.

The wearing of a Tree of Life Necklace has certain significance today within certain cultures and religions as it has done in the past whilst many will wear the necklace simply as a way of expressing their philosophy on life.





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