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Tree of Life Pendant

Tree of Life pendants are the most common way of making the symbolism of the tree of life a personal thing, by wearing a pendant. They have been worn for many centuries both as a coveted jewellery piece and simply as a cultural symbolic icon.

Tree of Life pendants come in many different forms, made from many different materials and using many different methods. The variety of Tree of Life pendants are nearly as prolific as the variety of trees on our planet. Many are culture or religion specific designs whilst most are simply the result of indivduals who have used their creativity to produce some wonderful jewellery pieces.

Here at Tree of Life.net.au we bring you a selection of some of the best Tree of Life pendants available as well as provide information including tutorials, many of which are videos, about how to make a Tree of Life pendant yourself at home. Just follow the link below.

How to Make a Tree of Life Pendant - Tutorials 





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